Welcome to the “Let’s talk about cakes” section

Dear friends, welcome to this space where I would like to talk about my ideas, share with you thoughts about the world of pastry and cake design.

I’m thinking of a monthly post but I hope to be able to be even more present (compatibly with my work)

It would be great to have an exchange with friends, colleagues or just lovers of the cake world in a friendly, civil and always respectful way.

In this regard, I invite you to leave comments on the various topics that we will discuss from time to time but to remind you of some rules to ensure that we can create and maintain a positive feeling.

Comments that are not relevant to the world of cake design, which defame, bully, discriminate or incite to hate will be deleted, please also keep a proper language and do not specifically refer to brands or names of professionals.

Well, having said that I give you a first challenge: what would you like to talk about regarding cakes?
Are you interested in knowing something regarding “Materika” or latest trends on the cake industry?

You can comment below or email me at

I await your news, hugs!